HATE GALLERY: Title Track Of New Album Available For Streaming

“Viva La Resistance”, the title track of the second album from HATE GALLERY, the rock band featuring Janne Jarvis and Rille Lundell from WARRIOR SOUL, can be streamed using the SoundCloudplayer below. The CD, which in June entered the Finnish national chart at position No. 26, will be made available in the rest of Europe and Japan in October.

“I’m personally amazed that this album got finished at all,” said bassist/vocalist Janne Jarvis. “I’ve never experienced a more difficult project, but in many ways that’s just tough shit. Nobody died and a bit of a struggle sometimes makes the end result more vital.”

According to a press release, the song “Viva La Resistance” and the rest of the album deal with the struggle to maintain our freedom in 2011 as we struggle against surveillance, mind control, fear-mongering and the steady march into totalitarianism.

Stated the band: “‘Viva La Resistance’ is not a rock album for the sake of a rock album. We were compelled to speak out. This is a soundtrack for the modern world we live in, as we stand by while our freedoms are slowly being corroded by dark forces.

“Surveillance, tracking and servitude, via our dependence on all manner of electronic consumables and social network platforms, have left us exposed and impotent. And exposed we are, especially on the streets where our murderous, corrupt police forces are allowed to kill with impunity.

‘Viva La Resistance’ is in all of us. But as our resolve weakens, so too will this spirit disappear into our depths, almost impossible to conjure, much like our third eye and other lost powers. Servitude becomes our sustenance…

“The spirit of rock ’n’ roll has always been about rebellion, about opposition. Therefore it makes sense for a humble rock ’n’ roll band to seize this moment to embrace that true spirit. ‘Viva La Resistance’ is about that spirit.”

Added Jarvis: “”Our freedom is slowly being corroded by the most Machiavellian of dark forces with a supporting role being played by the murderous, corrupt police forces around the world. ‘Viva la Resistance’ is an anthem for the disaffected and the disillusioned. A call to arms. Essentially we will all have to fight back one day.”

“Viva La Resistance” track listing:

01. Viva La Resistance
02. The Warning
03. Satellite
04. The Becoming
05. Security Forces (Dead Jimmy)
06. Rats
07. Frequency
08. Domination Soul
09. 2 Minute Hate
10. Love Shine On
11. Salvation

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Viva La Resistance by Hate Gallery