Southern California’s HEARTIST has inked a deal with Roadrunner Records. The band’s self-produced, six-song EP, “Nothing You Didn’t Deserve”, will be available on iTunes on October 16.

The lead track from the EP, “Disconnected”, is now available for free download at www.heartistband.com.

“The band formed in early 2011,” said HEARTIST vocalist Bryce Beckley. “It started with our two guitarists, Tim and John. They had come from another band that had recently broken up, and they decided to give it another shot, and they found me; I had recently left my band as well. I went over there and auditioned for them — they seemed to really like it, so we started writing together. We originally were going to do a couple of demos, but the more stuff we wrote, we were just like, let’s shoot for a whole EP. We had Matt, our drummer, who at the time was playing with NORMA JEAN, track for us. Matt ended up leaving NORMA JEAN later on, after a little convincing by us. We picked up our bassist very late last year to complete the lineup.”

Regarding HEARTIST‘s sound, Beckley said, “When we first joined together, we had a collective goal that we didn’t want to get stuck in a specific scene; get locked in to where we could only play heavy shows and that kind of thing. We deliberately wrote our EP so that it was kind of a transitional sound, in between heavy rock and hardcore music, with breakdowns and stuff. And we did it that way so that if we made a transition in either direction, it wouldn’t be super surprising to fans. Currently we’re demoing out for a full-length, and we’re going for a much heavier, dark rock sound.”


Bryce Beckley – Vocals
Jonathan Gaytan – Guitar/Vocals
Tim Koch – Guitar
Matt Marquez – Drums
Evan Ranallo – Bass




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