Heavy Metal Ballet Short Film Released

Ballet Deviare was founded in 2003 and is located in New York City. Unbound by restrictive standards of tradition, Ballet Deviare was created and founded by Laura Kowalewski (co-director and choreographer) and Andrew Carpenter(co-director) with the intention of broadening the scope of dance, while providing audiences with original choreographic works.

Ballet Deviare presents “Disconsolate”, a nine-minute experimental dance film directed by Adam Waltner. “Disconsolate” is a powerful, soul-entrancing depiction which illustrates the depths of human suffering. Set to “Waldlander im Herbst” from the funeral doom phenomenon CELESTIIAL (Tanner Anderson), the piece evokes a feeling and mood that is as hypnotic as it is effecting.

“Disconsolate”‘s staging and patterning were influenced by the ballet “La Bayadere, Act II: The Kingdom of the Shades”. “Disconsolate” was Ballet Deviare‘s recognition of its ballet foundation, while simultaneously redefining its classical roots.