Heavy Metal Fans Learning Nordic Languages To Better Appreciate Their Favorite Bands

International fans of Nordic heavy metal are taking that devotion a step further: They’re learning tricky languages like Norwegian and Finnish to better appreciate their favorite bands. A four-minute report from The Wall Street Journal‘s John Stoll can be seen below. You can read more at WSJ.com.

“It’s quite a well-known phenomenon that students in Italy study Norwegian because they’re interested in metal,” a Norwegian professor in Italy named Siri Nergaard said.

“Every time someone tells us that our music has inspired them to learn, for example, Nordic languages, it gives me another reason to keep doing music,” bassist Sami Hinkka of Finnish folk metallers ENSIFERUM said. “But it’s quite far from studying an internationally rather useless language… Studying is always good for your brain and it broadens your mental horizon, so if someone has a passion for something, even if it might seem really trivial to others, I say go for it. Follow your heart.”



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