HEIDEVOLK “BATAVI” – RELEASE DATE: 02 Mar 2012 / 06 Mar 2012 (US)

Few could have envisioned the bright future that the Norns had in store for HEIDEVOLK back in 2002. Since its inception in Arnhem (The Netherlands) a decade ago, HEIDEVOLK came, saw, and conquered stages throughout Europe with their very own brand of folk metal. The instantly recognizable dual clean male vocals and irresistibly catchy songs have ignited the pagan fire in the souls of many on the continent. They deliver their songs on divine matters and profane pleasures with equal integrity, fueled by a folkloric fire and pagan pride.

With a repertoire ranging from epic to raging, captivating live shows, and an undying desire to perform, HEIDEVOLK has become a familiar face in Europe. HEIDEVOLK stands for an uncompromising attitude, intense shows, and the transcendence of barriers between performer and audience… Even if your Dutch sucks!

In 2003, HEIDEVOLK released its first CD, “De strijdlust is geboren”, followed by the “Wodan Heerst” EP in 2005. Both releases were re-released on one CD by Napalm Records in 2008.

The sophomore full-length CD “Walhalla Wacht” (Napalm Records) also saw its worldwide release in 2008. With their third full-length, “Uit oude grond” (2010), HEIDEVOLK combined its folk roots and raw energy with more mature songwriting. The album was their most varied release to date, and opened many doors to tours and festivals. It also set the bar high for its successor. Yet HEIDEVOLK now deliver their heaviest, most aggressive and powerful album ever:  “Batavi

The band travels 2,000 years back in time to an era in which numerous Germanic tribes struggled for dominance against the Roman Empire in Northwest Europe, along the shores of the river Rhine. Caught in the middle of it all were the Batavians: the protagonists and namesakes of HEIDEVOLK’s latest album.

Batavi” is a concept album that deals with the early history of the Batavian tribe: from its beginnings to its daring revolt against one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. Set against the backdrop of war, alliances, intrigue, and betrayal, the nine songs relate the struggle of a people needing to redefine themselves in order to survive this turbulent time.

While HEIDEVOLK’s musical path continues to explore traditional pagan metal, it proves to be much more resolute and aggressive than ever before.  The characteristic clean sound of both Heidevolk vocalists recounts the stories comprising “Batavi”, while heavy guitars, thundering drums, and folk melodies build the foundation of each track: at times sweeping and at others melancholic. Peter Tägtgren’s mix has masterfully defined the band’s sound on this 2012 release.  “Batavi” catapults the listener directly onto the northwestern European battlefields of the Roman Empire.

Heidevolk is:
Joost den Vellenknotscher – Drums
Joris den Boghtdrincker – Vocals

Mark Splintervuyscht – Vocals
Reamon Bomenbreker – Guitars
Rowan Roodbaert – Bass


Official Web Site: http://www.heidevolk.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/officialheidevolk