HELIX ‘Anthology’ CD In The Works

Veteran Canadian hard rockers HELIX are talking to several record companies in various territories (Canada, U.S. and Europe) about the possibility of releasing a HELIX “anthology” CD. The collection would include about 20 tracks, covering all the HELIX LPs over the years plus a couple of songs from singer Brian Vollmer‘s solo album, “When Pigs Fly”. Also included on the CD would be re-recorded versions of some of HELIX‘s biggest hits: “Rock You”, “Heavy Metal Love”, “Deep Cuts The Knife” and “Wild In The Streets”.

Tentative track listing for HELIX “anthology’ CD:

01. Billy Oxygen
02. It’s Too Late
03. Heavy Metal Love
04. Rock You
05. Deep Cuts The Knife
06. Wild In The Streets
07. Dream On
08. Good To The Last Drop
09. Running Wild In The 21st Century
10. That Day Is Gonna Come
11. The Same Room
12. Wrecking Ball
13. Jaws Of The Tiger
14. I’m A Live Frankenstein
15. F.U.G.L.Y.
16. Six Feet Underground
17. Cyberspace Girl
18. Make ‘Em Dance
19. Monday Morning Meltdown
20. Skin In The Game

HELIX recently released the “Skin In The Game” EP. The CD was mixed by Aaron Murray and was mastered at Carvello Mastering in Toronto, Ontario. The artwork was once again created by Babyjack Design, who previously worked with the band on the “Vagabond Bones” and “Smash Hits Unplugged” releases.

Regarding the new material, Vollmer said, “I wrote [the first] four songs with Sean Kelly. One (‘Angelina’) was also a co-write with Moe Berg. Sean has been my partner on the last couple of HELIX discs — ‘Vagabond Bones’ and ‘Smash Hits Unplugged’ — as well as being a large part of the acoustic show.

“These four songs (‘Champagne Communist’, ‘Angelina’, ‘Skin In The Game’, and ‘The Bitch Is A Bullet’) are really just a continuation of the ‘Vagabond Bones’ CD. We wrote them very shortly after that CD was finished and they’ve been sitting in the can for a year.”


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