HELIX To Release Compilation Album Featuring New Tracks

Veteran Canadian hard rockers HELIX are planning to release a compilation album in the fall featuring five new songs plus selections from the band’s previous three CDs, “When Pigs Fly”, “Vagabond Bones”, and “Power Of Rock And Roll”. According to singer Brian Vollmer, “This could all change if the songs we’re recording now [at A Studios in London, Ontario, Canada] turn out to be so amazing that we feel we should go with an entire CD of new material.” He adds, “There are several reasons I’ve chosen to go with a compilation CD versus a new CD, but it’s not like my decision is based in stone. We’ll see how it goes.”

HELIX entered A Studios on Thursday morning (June 2) “to bang out some ideas on the new tunes before we record ’em,” says Vollmer. “Some of the ideas worked, others didn’t, but we managed to kick out three rough demos to take home and listen to. This Tuesday we’ll take another crack at it. When everyone is in agreement, then we’ll start recording…”

HELIX‘s acoustic album, “Smash Hits Unplugged”, was released in January. The effort was recorded at A Studios in London, Ontario with co-producer Aaron Murray and is comprised of “all our hits plus the JAMES LEROY song ‘A Touch of Magic’ which I’ve always wanted to record,” stated singer Brian Vollmer. The artwork for the CD was executed by Matt Brooks of Babyjack Design, who also designed the cover for the last HELIX“Vagabond Bones”.