HELLDORADOS: Debut Album Details Revealed

Stuttgart, Germany-based sleaze metal band HELLDORADOS will release its self-titled debut album on July 13 via Massacre Records/Soulfood. The CD was recorded between February and April at the legendary Horus Sound Studios (SCORPIONS, HELLOWEEN, KREATOR, VICTORY, GUANO APES) in Hannover, Germany with producer Mirko Hofmann, who previously worked with the group on a four-song promotional EP in 2011. ELOY frontman and founder of the Horus Sound Studios, Frank Bornemann, acted as “a godfather.” The cover artwork was created by the Unesco prize winner Timo Wuerz.

Commented HELLDORADOS singer Pierre: “We got to know Timo Wuerz by accident at an art and commerce congress. Between all of the geeks, he looked more like us.” They discovered that they had many things in common — including a love for rock music and art. “Moreover, we both grew up in the same small town. That probably [had something to do with it].”

According to a press release, HELLDORADOS‘ sound are somewhere between the hit potential of a catchy ABBA tune, the sleaze of GUNS N’ ROSES and the striking force of PANTERA. A strange mixture but it seems to function.”

“Helldorados” track listing:

01. In The Beginning
02. Never Gonna Stop
03. You Live, You Learn, You Die
04. Go To Hell
05. Changes
06. Shout Out
07. Hunter
08. Double Dealer
09. Gone
10. Torture Is My Name
11. Girls
12. Got Laid