HELLION To Release Anthology CD

HELLION has announced a contest to name the title of the band’s upcoming anthology CD, which is scheduled for release this summer. The anthology will include fan favorites from all of HELLION‘s albums. The deadline for submissions is March 15.

The winner of the contest will receive his or her name on the album’s credits as well as a collection of the HELLION‘s new line of merchandise.

People desiring to enter the contest should send their suggestions to newrenaissance@yahoo.com.

In 1982, HELLION became the first American metal act with a female singer to achieve international acclaim. Throughout the last three decades, HELLION has shared stages throughout the world with acts such as SLAYER, DIO, EXODUS, WHITESNAKE and many more. HELLION was the first American metal band to to tour in the former Soviet Union (now Russia). HELLION was also the first female-fronted metal act to gain airplay on MTV and VH1.

Pictured below: HELLION singer Ann Boleyn in January 2013 (photo by Alex Solca)



Pictured below: HELLION in 1988 (photo by Neil Zlozower)


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