HELLOWEEN Singer’s BAD BANKERS Project Completes Work On Debut Album

HELLOWEEN Singer's BAD BANKERS Project Completes Work On Debut AlbumANDI DERIS BAD BANKERS, the new project led by HELLOWEEN/ex-PINK CREAM 69 frontman Andi Deris, has completed mixing and mastering its debut album. Andi states: “We are so happy with the result we can’t wait you guys out there finally hear it, too. Great, crispy sound… modern but not tooooo modern… the way it should be, in my humble ears.”

Andi previously stated about the new project: “It’s been years I was looking for a band (all over the planet) that I could actually ask to record an album with me, only to find it on the little island I live on just a few months ago. Even more thrilling is the fact that the guys are between 19 and 22 years old. You won’t believe it when you listen to the songs!

“We all had and have a lot of fun with the image, even more during the photo session.

“Obviously, we despise everything around banks, managers and bankers who are clearly responsible for the shit that goes on nowadays (and most certainly in our future), so it felt very good to vocally tell them what we think about them. Sure, therefore it’s highly explicit, but, who gives a f… that’s what they deserve, and it helps the music to really kick some ass.”

HELLOWEEN‘s new album, “Straight Out Of Hell”, sold around 4,100 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 97 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD entered the Media Control chart in Germany at position No. 4 — the highest chart position in the band’s history. It also landed at No. 4 in Finland and No. 2 on the international album chart in Japan.

“Straight Out Of Hell” was released in Europe on January 18 and in North America on January 22.