HELLYEAH Teams Up With LOYAL STUDIOS For ‘High-Concept Video’

Loyal Studios in Burbank has become a favorite for artists looking to produce high-definition greenscreen music videos. The two stages in Burbank and Santa Monica have a history of hosting great talents from Snoop Dogg, to Jason Bonham, to Ray J and Bret Michaels, as well as producing videos for Nicole Sherzinger, LMFAO, ODD FUTURE and NEVERSHOUTNEVER.

The metal juggernaut known as HELLYEAH — featuring Vinnie Paul Abbott (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN), Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett (MUDVAYNE), Tom Maxwell (NOTHINGFACE) and Bob “Zilla” Kakaha (DAMAGEPLAN) — is the latest to join the ranks on their way to their Asian tour to shoot a high-concept video for their new album, “Band Of Brothers”.

HELLYEAH rocked our studios hard,” says producer and CEO of Loyal Studios, Bob Bekian. “With our 2000-watt amplified playback system, the parking lot was literally shaking! We shot this project with a series of cameras including the Canon 5D with Zeiss prime lenses combined with the new RED digital Scarlett,” Bekian added.

Loyal Studios is a favorite for music video productions because of the high level of technical equipment and crew available to produce videos with the latest visual effects (“VFX”) and style. The studio quickly gained a reputation for being a place that has the best cameras, crews and technical support as well as a place where artists feel comfortable and free to express themselves. The new addition of a complete post-production and editing studio inside the shooting location combined with their 75 HD camera systems has put Loyal Studios into a unique position to be able to offer a one-stop shop for producers.

HELLYEAH‘s video for the song “Band Of Brothers” was filmed on March 26. The clip was directed by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye, who has previously worked with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GOATWHORE, MUNICIPAL WASTE and SUFFOCATION, among many others.

A few photos from the video shoot can be seen below.

“Band Of Brothers” is the title track of HELLYEAH‘s new album, which will be released on July 17 via HELLYEAH‘s new label home, Eleven Seven Music. The CD was recorded in Dallas, Texas at Vinnie Paul‘s home studio, VP’s Upstairs Studio, and was produced by the band and Jeremy Parker (GODSMACK, EVANESCENCE), who also served as engineer.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Vinnie stated about “Band Of Brothers”, “On our first two records, we were a new band. We really wanted to branch out and expand and experiment with all different styles. We all come from traditional metal bands and backgrounds, so it was a great breath of fresh air to play in a band that was rock ‘n’ roll, blues and Southern rock. We got that out of our system and got really focused on going back to our metal roots. It’s heavy, focused, groove-oriented and I’m excited about it.”







HELLYEAH promotional photo (2012):