HELMET’s PAGE HAMILTON Getting His Jazz On Again

HELMET‘s Page Hamilton will get his jazz on again live by performing at the Typhoon in Santa Monica, California on January 23 with the PAGE HAMILTON QUINTET.


Page Hamilton (guitar)
Joe Corsello (drums)
Anthony Truglio (guitar)
Tommy Lockett (bass)
John Rosenberg (organ)

In a January 2012 interview, Hamilton stated about his musical upbringing: “I’m 51 years old and I’ve been playing for 35 years. I got a guitar when I was 17, and fell in love with it in hindsight. I knew that when I went to college that I wanted to be a musician. I went to a community college and learned how to read music, and then I started studying classical guitar, jazz guitar right away. Then, I auditioned at the University of Oregon. I finished out my degree, then I moved to New York, and got my master’s degree in jazz guitar, and formed HELMET in 1989.”

While non-aficionados may not hear the jazz aspect in the band’s latest album, 2010’s “Seeing Eye Dog”, Hamilton said it’s there.

“What people make the mistake of is saying, ‘Well, I don’t hear jazz.’ I’m not playing jazz,” he said. “It’s not jazz. But I can hear the jazz influences. Name me one other band on the planet that’s using a major-7 sharp 11 chord with a 13 in the chorus. None. This is my tuning. None. I guarantee it.”



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