HERETIC Begins Work On New Material

Classic southern California power/speed metalists HERETIC have issued the following update:

“We started writing songs for our follow-up to ‘A Time Of Crisis’. The sound will be in the traditional HERETIC style. We’re not going to try to reinvent the wheel. Songtitles so far are ‘Demonize’ and ‘Quick Sand’. We are also working on the reissue of the CDs ‘Breaking Point’ and ‘Torture Knows No Boundary’. We can’t give any details yet, but it will be cool for collectors. Lots of bonus material will be on it.

“Look for us live in 2013. We will be at Malone’s [in Santa Ana, California] on January 25th with our friends PHANTOM X and DEATH ALLEY MOTOR CULT. There are plans in the works to play in [Northern California] sometime in February. We will also head to Europe for the first time to play the Headbangers Open Air fest in Germany. We look forward bringing the metal to you!!!”

HERETIC recorded its first-ever live DVD on August 25 at Malone’s in Santa Ana, California.

The band’s critically acclaimed “A Time Of Crisis” album came out on July 26 via Metal On Metal Records.

HERETIC, formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California, released an EP, “Torture Knows No Boundary” (1986), and a full-length, “Breaking Point” (1988), through Metal Blade Records before disbanding. Later on the founding member, songwriter and guitarist Brian Korban together with bassist Dennis O’Hara formed REVEREND, which featured the vocal talents of the late David Wayne (METAL CHURCH).

In 2011 Brian Korban reformed the band, recruiting Julian Mendez, the vocalist who sang on the band’s first EP. Soon they were joined by the seasoned musicians, long-time friends and collaborators, guitarist Glenn Rogers (VIKING, ex-HIRAX, ex-DELIVERANCE, ex-STEEL VENGEANCE and others) and bassist Angelo Espino (BITCH, ex-REVEREND, ex-HIRAX, ex-ANGER AS ART, ex-UNCLE SLAM and others) and a young, but talented drummer Ignazio Coppola.