HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL Discusses New Album In Video Interview

Acordes de Quinta Blog conducted an interview with Portuguese masters of gore HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL in December 2011 about their forthcoming third full-length album, “Gorefilia”. You can now watch the chat below (in Portuguese, with English subtitles).

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL recently inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the worldwide release of “Gorefilia” (in Portugal, the CD will be made available through Raging Planet Records and Raising Legends Productions). Due in April, the 18-song effort was recorded at 213 Studios in Portugal and was mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, KRONOS, DECAPITATED, ABORTED) in Bialystok, Poland.

According to a press release, “Gorefilia” will showcase HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL‘s more brutal and intense, songwriting, with songs varying from one to three minutes without fillers, [with] influences from bands like ABORTED, CANNIBAL CORPSE, early DERANGED, NAPALM DEATH, SUFFOCATION, CARCASS.”

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL previously described “Gorefilia” as a “concept album [which] involves sexual arousal and gratification towards sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. As always, you can expect self-torture, bizarre love and loads of sperm tainted with blood. Musically, some big changes are expected; however, the band is still committed to death metal and grind.”

Commented bassist Z. Pedro: “Back in 1997 when HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL was born, bands such as INCANTATION, VADER, DERANGED, IMMOLATION, DEEDS OF FLESH… were not only an influence to the sound which we were creating, they also had released material though the legendary death metal label Repulse Records. This label became Xtreem Music a few years ago and is still releasing brutal music, gathering over 100 releases so far, [with] ‘Gorefilia’ [being] their 108th release.”

Added guitarist/vocalist Eduardo F. : “We’ve known Dave Rotten [Xtreem Music AR] for over a decade, having in on stage in some gigs as special guest and we also shared stage with AVULSED in several European festivals. Adding to this, a release history of more than 100 titles, make us strongly believe that Xtreem Music is the reliable and hardworking label that we were looking for.”

The song “Objectofilia Platonica”, taken from “Gorefilia”, can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.



“Objectofilia Platonica” audio stream: