HOLY MOSES: ’30th Anniversary

Long-running, female-fronted German thrashers HOLY MOSES will release the “30th Anniversary – In The Power Of Now” double album on April 30 in Germany, April 23 in the rest of Europe and early May in North America via SPV/Steamhammer. The CD contains re-recorded versions of 20 of the most important songs in HOLY MOSES‘ 30-year catalog along with two brand new tracks.

As previously reported, HOLY MOSES parted ways with drummer Atomic Steif (a.k.a. Guido Richter; ex-SODOM, LIVING DEATH, STAHLTRÄGER) and replaced him with Gerd Lücking (GIFT DWARF, ex-REBELLION).

Commented Gerd: “As an old MOSES fan, it is, naturally, an honor for me to do the drumming for this pioneer thrash metal band! The recordings are being really powerful and we blow away all the material live!!!”

“30th Anniversary – In The Power Of Now” track listing:

CD 1

01. Clash My Soul (02:36)
02. Jungle Of Lies (03:46)
03. Finished With The Dogs (02:29)
04. Symbol Of Spirit (03:42)
05. World Chaos (03:12)
06. SSP (03:40)
07. Borderland (03:27) (brand new song)
08. Lost In The Maze (05:51)
09. Walpurgisnight (02:58)
10. Welcome To The Real World (03:31)
11. Near Dark (05:30)

CD 2

01. Reborn Dogs (03:50)
02. DefCon II (04:26)
03. I Feel Sick (03:48)
04. Nothing For My Mum (03:51)
05. Disorder Of The Order (04:14)
06. Corroded Dreams (04:04)
07. Entering The Now (03:40) (brand new song)
08. Creation Of Violation (03:56)
09. Panic (03:13)
10. Decapitated Minds (03:40)
11. Master Of Disaster (03:45)


Sabina Classen – Vocals
Michael Hankel – Guitars
Oliver Jaath – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gerd Lücking – Drums
Thomas Neitsch – Bass

“Agony of Death”, the latest album from HOLY MOSES, was released in September 2008 in Europe via Wacken Records/SPV. The CD was recorded at the Blue Castle Studio near Hamburg with producer/guitar player Michael Hankel. DESTRUCTION, OBITUARY and AXEL RUDI PELL members are among the guest musicians who appear on the album.