HOLYHELL Interviewed On Romanian Radio (Video)

Maria Breon and Francisco Palomo of American metallers HOLYHELL recently appeared in a Romanian radio show. The musicians spoke about the misconceptions regarding what happens backstage after gigs, the reason why they delayed the release of their latest album, and gave some exclusive spoilers. They also detailed their literary and musical influences and talked about what it’s like to work with Joey DeMaio from MANOWAR, and the controversies regarding his involvement in shaping their musical style. Maria and Francisco also discussed the “beauty-metal” label and expressed their opinion concerning the reason why people tend to compare HOLYHELL to bands like EVANESCENCE and NIGHTWISH. You can now watch the chat below.

“Darkness Visible”, HOLYHELL‘s new studio release of epic, power-goth metal, will now be released as digital album and as physical CD in fall 2012. The band had originally planned to make the effort available in June.

“We know that our fans have been eagerly awaiting our new album and we are equally excited to share it with the world. However, conflicting schedules forced us to suspend the work in the studio to get ready for our upcoming summer festival tour,” explained HOLYHELL keyboardist and producer Francisco Palomo.

“We would never jeopardize the quality of our live performance for the sake of the studio work, and we would never jeopardize the quality of our records for the sake of our tour plans,” Palomo continued. “We trust that our fans will understand this and thank them for their support and patience.”

To bridge the waiting for this new studio album full of epic, power-goth metal, HOLYHELL released the EP “Darkness Visible – The Warning” that features three songs from the forthcoming longplay album, and a never-before-released live version of the song “Armageddon”, performed live at The Agora, Cleveland, Ohio on March 12, 2011.

“Darkness Visible – The Warning” was released digitally on June 26 exclusively on iTunes and on the band’s online store, The Kingdom Of Steel.

“Darkness Visible” is the band’s sophomore follow-up to their debut record “HolyHell”. It is described in a press release as “a fascinating blend of songs, showcasing the band’s power lineup. [The CD] invites the listener on an unpredictable journey into their own soul. The record is heavy and hard-hitting with a melodic play between darkness and light. It is pure and it is powerful!”

“Darkness Visible” will be mixed and mastered at the legendary Wisseloord Studios by longtime collaborators, mixing engineer Ronald Prent and two-time Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer Darcy Proper.






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