HOSTILE To Release ‘Eve Of Destruction’ In October

British metallers HOSTILE — who feature in their ranks bassist Alex Hill, son of JUDAS PRIEST‘s Ian Hill — will release their debut album, “Eve Of Destruction”, on October 31. The CD was produced by former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist K.K. Downing.

Not only did K.K. produce HOSTILE‘s debut CD — he also wrote and performed on the song “Avenger”, the first time the guitarist has ever written for a band outside of PRIEST. K.K. became interested in HOSTILE‘s talent and potential after seeing them perform at a club called JB’s in Dudley, Midlands.

According to Express Star, “Eve Of Destruction” was recorded at The Old Smithy studios in Worcestershire, where JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and ROBERT PLANT have all worked. PRIEST‘s recording engineer Richard Wood was also drafted in to help create the finished product.

The band admitted it has been the most incredible learning experience working alongside Downing, who would take songs the band thought were complete and rework them into something even more spectacular.

“It was just amazing working with someone like K.K., with his experience of so many albums and it was a blessing-and-a-half to have someone like him,” lead guitarist AJ told Express Star.

Added drummer Gunga: “The scary thing for me was we used to listen to it and think it was fantastic and then it was ripped to pieces and put back together and we never realized it would ever sound as good as it is now. Now we know how to make songs live and breathe where before we were just playing them. It’s just been an invaluable lesson to us all.”



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