HUNTRESS: Debut Album Cracks German Top 100

“Spell Eater”, the debut album from Los Angeles-based female-fronted metallers HUNTRESS, has entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 96.

Says the band: “Charting on the Top 100 in Germany with a debut metal album is a huge victory for us and heavy metal. Thank you, Thomas Caser, and Napalm Records for all your hard work and faith in us! It’s just the beginning! Tomorrow, May 8th ‘Spell Eater’ is released in North American! Get it on iTunes, Amazon, at your local record shop or for limited-edition packages! HAIL METAL!!!”

“Spell Eater” track listing:

01. Spell Eater
02. Senecide
03. Sleep and Death
04. Snow Witch
05. Eight of Swords
06. Aradia
07. Night Rape
08. Children
09. Terror
10. The Tower
11. The Dark

HUNTRESS vocalist Jill Janus told AOL‘s Noisecreep about the “Spell Eater” artwork, “The album cover captures the beauty and brutality of HUNTRESS. Vance Kelly is a warlock and he took our vision and created a magical illustration that breathes glory into the old crone. We contemplated having either a sultry sorceress or decrepit forest witch as our cover babe. Ultimately, the crone won because she is the true Huntress.”

According to a press release, “Janus is an operatic banshee with an unparalleled four-octave range and lust for the occult. Born and raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York, she toured Europe as a teenage opera starlet. Upon her return to the States, Janus embraced Manhattan nightlife, creating Felliniesque cabarets and parties in a nihilistic club scene. Years later, Janus moved to Los Angeles and began the gestation period of HUNTRESS. In 2009 she met underground metal band PROFESSOR. The universe spread her legs and delivered HUNTRESS to Janus, combining former members of PROFESSOR, DARK BLACK and SKELETONWITCH.”

HUNTRESS is currently supporting DRAGONFORCE on a North American tour.


Vocals: Jill Janus
Lead Guitar: Blake Meahl
Rhythm Guitar: Ian Alden
Drums: Carl Wierzbicky
Bass: Eric Harris

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