HYDROGYN Vocalist Issues Update On New Album

Julie Westlake, vocalist for Kentucky-based rockers HYDROGYN, has released a video update on the status of the band’s new album. You can watch it below.

HYDROGYN is recording its new CD in France with Patrick Liotard (guitarist and producer of the metal band POLARBITCH) for an early 2012 release.

HYDROGYN had a great outing with the “Judgement” release in October 2010 but due to Westlake‘s health, the band only played one show to support it. After careful consideration, it was decided to scrap the support of the release due to Julie‘s illness and the length of time the project had been out.

For this release, things will change up a bit as far as production. For the past two albums, guitarist Jeff Westlake has handled the production, engineering, mixing, etc., to go along with the writing and song prep. Jeff said he wanted a chance to just worry about the songs on this release with limited production going on from his end. Enter the team of Anthony Dura and Patrick Liotard (who co-wrote the song “Alone” on “Judgement”). Anthony and Patrick are stepping in and teaming up with Julie and Jeff for this project, not only from a production standpoint but also in the creation of the project itself.

“I love these guys and what they bring to the table,” said Julie. “To be able to turn to them and have a new team in the mix for the entire process with fresh ideas and a great perspective as well is just priceless. We were all introduced by our French team at Musiconlights (Mike Jublin) back in 2007 and as time has gone on, we have gotten to know each other. The working part of the relationship is just a natural progression for us all and takes some pressure off Jeff for a change.”

In addition, John C. Lawrence, who brought in the song “Too Late” for “Judgement”, is also being enlisted again for some co-writing. “I love some of the stuff he has to offer and also he and Jeff have been friends for a very long time so it just seems natural to have him involved,” said Julie.