I LEGION: New Song Featuring JON HOWARD Available For Streaming

I LEGION will release its debut album, “Beyond Darkness”, in October. The CD will feature 13 tracks, produced and mixed by former MUTINY WITHIN singer Chris Clancy.

I LEGION is the musical work of Frederic Riverin, who shaped and wrote all the songs in fall 2011 at his home in Quebec. Helped by friend Clancy, he crafted these recordings into a melodic metal machine. Metal monsters Björn Strid (SOILWORK), Jon Howard (THREAT SIGNAL) and Chris himself took the vocal duties and put their melodies and talent over the 12 songs of the album. I LEGION also features modern guitar heroes Peter Wichers (SOILWORK), Angel Vivaldi, and Brandon Jacobs (MUTINY WITHIN) on the lead guitars for tasteful and melodic solos.

All these musicians helped Frederic to create his own album: alone, but with a legion behind him.

“Beyond Darkness” track listing:

01. Hexagram
02. Beyond Darkness
03. Deceive The Light
04. Night Calls
05. Despite Your Grace
06. Escape As Deliverance
07. This World So Black
08. Signs From Above
09. Faithless
10. We Will Fight
11. Dead Inside
12. Search For I
13. Love Is A Battlefield

The song “Escape As Deliverance”, featuring a guest appearance by Jon Howard, can be streamed below.




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