ICS VORTEX To Handle Lead Vocals On GOD OF ATHEISTS Album

Former DIMMU BORGIR and current BORKNAGAR member ICS Vortex (real name: Simen Hestnæs) will handle the lead vocals on the upcoming debut album from GOD OF ATHEISTS, the Norwegian extreme metal project led by Asgeir Mickelson (SARKE, SPIRAL ARCHITECT, BORKNAGAR, TESTAMENT). Drums on the CD were recorded by Trym (EMPEROR, ZYKLON, ENSLAVED), while the rhythm guitars were laid down by Mickelson.

Commented Asgeir: “GOD OF ATHEISTS is the extreme metal project which I wrote most of the music for in 2008. One song were originally written for BORKNAGAR back in 2004, but was never finished, so I rewrote it and it’s now way too brutal for BORKNAGAR‘s style. The overall style is kind of ‘Norwegian black metal done death metal.’ It’s brutal but also very melodic.

“Both Mr. Vortex and I are looking forward to work on this album the upcoming months, and I’m sure Vortex‘s awesome vocal style will add a new dimension to the songs. I just need to write some venomous lyrics first… Thankfully, there’s a lot of venom in my head…”

He added, “And if you like a project with Trym, Vortex and me, I think you will like the other musicians who’ve agreed to play on it.”