It’s been 5 years since we heard new material from Colorado’s Thrash Metal headbangers Immortal Dominion, but the wait will soon be over.  The “Primortal” comes out at all retailers March 22, 2011.  However, is proud to offer the release exclusively 1 week prior!  Click here to to download album for the special low price of $6.66 (sale ends March 22).

To celebrate the launch we caught up wtih guitarist Brian Villers for an interview and chat about the new album.  Tell us about the new album. 


Brian Villers:  Our new album “Primortal” is the greatest musical expression that we’ve ever achieved.  It is full of catchy choruses, heavy riffs, and great guitar solos.  I am very proud of it.  Any songs in particular that you think people will react to? 

Brian Villers:  I think “Deity Definer” will find a large audience.   We are already getting reactions from “Reanimated”, and my favorite song on the album “Become Wise” has been turning heads, for its diversity and groove.  The Album was produced by Sterling Winfield who is best known for his work with Pantera and Mercyful Fate.  How was the working experience with Sterling?  What do you find he brought to the record? 

Brian Villers:  Sterling was great.  He came in and started tearing apart the songs, helping us with song structure and even lyrics.  We all really clicked, and we were able to re-write some of the songs together which I have never done before with someone who is not a band member.  This album is less death metal and touching more on Thrash Metal than your previous albums.  What lead to that direction? 

Brian Villers:  I think it was just a natural evolution.  We didn’t set out to do that but as the songs were being written I noticed there was less death metal sounding riffs.  Maybe it is a reflection of what we are going through in our personal lives.  You guys have been around for 12 years, and have 4 releases.  What are your expectations for this record? 

Brian Villers:  We plan on breaking further into the national scene.  I would like to land on some more films- the TEETH movie really got us some national attention.  Next step world domination!  What are your Tour plans? 

Brian Villers:  We are working on some stuff with some of the summer fests, and supporting some national acts.  We will keep you posted.  We usually ask artists for some of their favorites.  In your case, what are your 4 favorite thrash metal albums?

Brian Villers:  I would have to say if I can only pick 4:

Testament- The New Order
Laaz Rockit- Annihilation Principle
M.O.D. – Gross Misconduct
Kreator- Extreme Aggression


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