IMPIOUS: ‘I Am The King’ Video Released

“I Am The King”, the new video from Swedish death/thrashers IMPIOUS, can be viewed below. The song comes off the band’s latest album, “Death Domination”, which was released in North America in November 2009 via Metal Blade Records. The CD’s cover artwork, which the band describes as “one of the most sinister and malignant-looking album covers ever,” was created by Marcello Vasco.

Comments the band: “‘I Am The King’ is about the dangerous attributes of a so called ‘one-man-show.’ It criticizes religion and the restrictions of a free-thinking mind. The video was shot by Johan Gunnarsson after a wet night filled with uncountable pitchers of beer. So with a hangover from hell and a very strict budget, we managed to visually lift the song to a higher and more intense level, and that’s what it’s all about. Mission accomplished!”

“Death Domination” features a guest appearance by former THE CROWN and current ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET frontman Johan Lindstrand on the song “The Demand”.

According to the band, the album title “symbolizes how death rules over all, and how man seeks to religion as a feeble comfort against what will happen when death takes us. Without death, religion is powerless. And only in death will religion fill its purpose.”

The group adds, “It was extremely important to us that the title would fit our new songs and artwork perfectly. We needed a short yet powerful title that would show just how confident we are about our new material.

“This album will by far be the most crushingly brutal album we’ve ever made and we believe this title says it all!”

IMPIOUS‘s new CD was recorded at guitarist Valle Adzic‘s Studio Deadline.