In Flames – Sounds Of A Playground Fading Album Artwork Revealed!

Last week we showed you the amazing artwork to the first single ”Deliver Us”. Today we can for the first time show the artwork for the new album ”Sounds Of a Playground Fading” which is also made by Dave Correia

We can also announce the tracklist for the new album.

1. Sounds Of a Playground Fading
2. Deliver Us
3. All For Me
4. The Puzzle
5. Fear Is The Weakness
6. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
7. The Attic
8. Darker Times
9. Ropes
10. Enter Tragedy
11. Jester’s Door
12. A New Dawn
13. Liberation

“This is number 10….. Album number 10!!!!! That we even made it this far, that is amazing. Then, to deliver the album of our career that is something else….. It’s fast, slow, heavy and mellow. It’s happy, sad, angry and calm. Sounds of a playground Fading is everything we ever done on crack (it’s a metaphor boys and girls), it’s cask strength whisky when it’s THAT perfect moment. Use and abuse!!!!!” – In Flames

”Sounds Of a Playground Fading” is released on the following dates around the world:
June 15, 2011 – Sweden
June 17, 2011 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Norway
June 20, 2011 – UK, Benelux, France, Greece, Denmark, Portugal (Rest of Europe)
June 21, 2011 – North America, Spain, Italy
June 22, 2011 – Finland, Hungary
June 24, 2011 – Australia, New Zealand

The first single ”Deliver Us” from the upcoming album is released on the following dates around the world:
May 6, 2011 – Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Australia & New Zealand May 8, 2011 – UK May 9, 2011 – Benelux, France, Greece, Denmark, Portugal & rest of Europe May 10, 2011 – North America, Spain & Italy. May 11, 2011 – Finland & Hungary

Century Media Records are releasing the album world wide expect Sweden where Razzia Records is the label.

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