In Flames hits No.1, speaks to

IN FLAMES Sounds Of A Playground Fading

IN FLAMES “Sounds Of A Playground Fading” recently interviewed In Flames guitarist, songwriter Björn Gelotte from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden. Check out the interview HERE.

Below are some quotes from the interview:

On Jesper leaving:

“The band wrote all the music together before, so with Jesper out of the picture, we had to rethink a little bit what we were doing. I was never worried though as the band has been writing the music together for 15 years.”

“Jesper never considered himself a great live guitar player. He was more a great songwriter. Niclas is a really great guitar player, so in that sense, it’s a sort of an upgrade.”

On Century Media and the band’s rules:

“We’ve always been very strict with the labels that when it comes to the music, it’s only the band that decides what we want to do. We play those songs 1000 times and we want songs that we like so we can play them with excitement each time! Century Media was very cool with that and they have been very flexible and looking into new ways to getting the music out there.”

On growing up and influences:

“My dad is a metal head and introduced me to some cool bands. Somewhere in Time was such an important album with the use of keyboards that not many metal bands had used before then. It was a huge influence on us and our sound

On interacting with the fans:

“…today you need to have more, you need to be in touch with your fans and have partners that are willing to try new ideas and Century Media is cool that way.”