IN THIS MOMENT Singer On Next CD: ‘This Is Definitely The Darkest Album’ We Have Ever Done

Brendan Crabb of Australia’s Loud magazine recently conducted an interview with vocalist Maria Brink of Southern California’s IN THIS MOMENT. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Loud: Will the band be playing any material from your forthcoming album while you’re in Australia [as part of the Soundwave Festival]?

Maria: No, because we’re in the album right now, in the middle of recording, so we took a break to go to Australia. So we’re not going to play any new songs ’till next time. So next summer, we’ll be playing the new songs from the new album.

Loud: How is the new material shaping up then?

Maria: It’s so exciting, I’m so like… I know for a fact that we’re in the most powerful place we’ve ever been, like artistically. I know everyone is going to be so surprised with what we’re doing, it’s going to be pretty amazing; it’s real exciting. I’m really happy and I know 2012 is going to be very special.

Loud: When you say surprising, can you elaborate on that?

Maria: I can’t explain. We brought some stuff to the table that we’ve never done before and it really sounds like something special, something new. I can’t explain it; I mean, if you know our old music, when you hear the new stuff you’re going to go, “Holy shit, okay, I totally get it.” But I don’t want to give away anything either, it’s just unique; it’s something new we’ve brought to the table. We found something special within us; we found this certain thing, so I’m excited for it.

Loud: You’ve had a few longtime members leave the band since the completion of the last album. Did that strengthen the bond between those of you still there and motivate you to make a better record?

Maria: Yeah, that’s kinda what I think… You know how sometimes, you don’t realise sometimes something happening (that’s) traumatic, that it can be the most beautiful thing that could have happened to you? It’s like one of those situations. It got really stripped back down to me and Chris [Howorth, guitar], and me and Chris started this band together, just me and him, and then it was like everybody came to the table, everybody brings their own influence. I believe it was all meant to be, all of those albums with them. I love them, I wish them the best. But it was almost like this new, with just me and Chris, this new fire, this new strength within me that I just… magical things started happening between what we started creating. And it’s just so meant to be; it’s meant to be that they moved on and some other things in my life, it’s so cool ’cause it’s just like this brand new everything and it feels really awesome. And you’re going to be able to hear it.

Loud: What other details can you reveal about the album? Do you have a tentative release date, for instance?

Maria: Yeah, I think it’s going to be late August, so that’s what I think’s gonna happen. That gives us time to set it up right, set up the work system, the photo shoots, video shoots, all of that stuff. We didn’t want to rush it; we wanted to make sure everything was strategically done, in the right way. So August seemed to make sense. I wish I could reveal the album title (laughs), we have to hold it for like three more weeks, but I wish I could tell you. I guess I can say this is definitely the darkest album IN THIS MOMENT has ever done. There’s a lot more dark, kind of, if you had to pick colours, just dark, crimson reds and blacks. It has this whole new thing, so I guess I could say that. (laughs)

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