Indonesian Promoter Vows To Refund Tickets For Nonexistent MÖTLEY CRÜE Concert

According to the Jakarta Globe, the promoter of MÖTLEY CRÜE concert in Jakarta, Indonesia that was apparently never officially confirmed by the band has promised to refund an estimated $60,000 in ticket sales after the show failed to materialize. More than 1,500 people had bought tickets for $40 each by the time the alleged scam was uncovered late last month.

“On Tuesday, we began paying [fans] back,” said Astri Darmawanti, chief executive of MLive, adding that 100 ticket buyers had already been reimbursed.

Astri‘s company organized the concert and announced to media outlets last month that MÖTLEY CRÜE would play its first-ever show in Indonesia on October 8 at Pantai Karnival in Ancol, North Jakarta. Within 24 hours, the band issued a press release insisting that it never made any agreements for a show at Pantai Karnival in Jakarta or anywhere else in the country. The group also advised its fans to be wary of any vendors advertising ticket sales.

Astri said her company would return ticket buyers’ money in stages adding that all would be compensated by the end of October.

Central Jakarta district police chief Lt. Col. Angesta Romano Yoyol said that some angry fans had already reported MLive management to the police for fraud. An investigation is ongoing but no suspects have been named.

Astri insisted that the concert was at one point real and that MLive had even deposited Rp 1 billion as a down payment to the band’s booking agent. The band, she said, abruptly canceled the show.

“I am now destroyed. This has turned into an attack against me personally. Even those who didn’t buy the tickets are saying bad things [about me],” Astri said.

MÖTLEY CRÜE has just completed a tour of Australia and Japan.

The band wrapped one of summer’s biggest rock tours as headliners and honorees for the Sunset Strip Music Festival (SSMF) live on Sunset Boulevard on August 20.

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s summer trek landed the group on the Billboard “Hot Tours” chart six times since the tour launch, marking it as one of the legendary rock group’s most successful tours to date. The 48-city trek tour — which launched on June 24 and wrapped in August — was one of the summer’s highest grossing, packing amphitheaters and arenas all summer long, drawing half a million fans.