INFERNAL MAJESTY Joined By CANNIBAL CORPSE Frontman For ‘None Shall Defy’ Performance

Veteran Canadian metallers INFERNAL MAJESTY performed their classic 1987 album “None Shall Defy” in its entirety with special guest vocalist George “Corpsegrider” Fisher from CANNIBAL CORPSE on August 20 at Rickhaw Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Also appearing on the bill were TYRANTS BLOOD and SINNED.

Video footage of INFERNAL MAJESTY‘s performance can be seen below. Photos of the concert are available this location (courtesy of Chris Slack).

When asked in an interview why INFERNAL MAJESTY was dropped by Roadrunner Records after the release of “None Shall Defy”, guitarist Steve Terror said, “At the time Roadrunner was just starting out in the States so they didn’t have the clout that they have now. There have been many bands that have been unhappy with Roadrunner and I don’t think we are any different. I think what really happened was, [former INFERNAL MAJESTY drummer] Rick [Hughes] went to New York to the label and told them that we didn’t want to tour, but to put out a second album instead. The rest of us didn’t find this out for about five years after the fact. The label wanted bands that wanted to tour so they became disinterested with us. You have to remember that at the time labels where signing everyone in sight and not really paying much attention to each band.”