INMATE: ‘Without Warning’ Video Released

“Without Warning”, the new video from the Slovenian five-piece INMATE, can be seen below. The song comes off the band’s debut album, “Free At Last”, which will be released in the U.K. on May 25 through Graviton – The Missing Link.

“Free At Last” track listing:

01. Inmate
02. Without Warning
03. Written In Blood
04. Overcome
05. Healing
06. Fire, Walk With Me
07. Angels
08. Promises
09. Victorious
10. Free At Last

Creative and hard-working, the INMATE bandmembers developed their musical identity and style, adding a modern approach to the genre. “We are all nice though tough individuals deep down,” offers vocalist Mike (full name: Rok Miklavzina). “For me, it has to do with my physical discipline, the one that Taekwondo instilled in me. I tend to be lazy and this discipline helps me remember whether I am on stage or not, how tough it is during training sessions. You are not allowed to say ‘I can’t do it’ then ‘cos pain is weakness leaving the body so the whole concept of INMATE is about being aware of your struggle and yet, never giving up.”

Strong guitars, striking rhythm section and powerful vocals place the band among contemporary metal fan demographics. “We all started with METALLICA, IRON MAIDEN and BLACK SABBATH,” explains Mike. “But some of us went further cos as time went by, I personally managed to appreciate younger bands like TRIVIUM, ANIMALS FOR LEADERS, MESHUGGAH and TEXTURES. We connect with our fans on that level. Our sound is certainly very contemporary.”

“The world is ‘Free At Last’ is the central idea of the album,” concludes Mike. “It represents our view of the matter and the solution for the state of apathy, devotion to life and salvation of a man against himself and against the world. Because when you are in a struggle and you find yourself at a cross road, you have to stop, think and look inside of you — sometimes it is not about society, politicians or the world around you. A lot of problems start within ourselves…”


Saso Bandalo – Bass
Jure Grudnik – Drums
Rok Miklavzina – Vocals
Ales Kroflic – Guitar
Andrej Bezjak – Guitar




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