INSIDIOUS DISEASE Working On New Material recently conducted an interview with INSIDIOUS DISEASE members Marc Grewe (vocals; also of MORGOTH) and Sven Atle Kopperud (a.k.a. Silenoz; guitar; also of DIMMU BORGIR). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. What brought both of you guys to form and create INSIDIOUS DISEASE? Especially with Silenoz, you being in DIMMU BORGIR, a highly popular metal band, and Marc, you being an ex member of MORGOTH?

Silenoz: The lust and need for the old-school vibe and making music together with like-minded people was what brought us together in the first place. You know, always talking about doing something for the fun of it. For the most part that never happens, it usually starts and ends with alcohol-infused drunk talk. But I launched it finally together with Jardar [real name: Jon Øyvind Andersen; guitar; also of OLD MAN’S CHILD) and Tony [Laureano; drums; formerly of DIMMU BORGIR, NILE, ANGELCORPSE] back in ’04. Then we brought Shane [Embury, bass; also of NAPALM DEATH] along shortly after that before I contacted Marc to see if he would consider doing the vocals. I’ve always been a huge fan of his style and I love others that is in the same vein, like Martin Van Drunen [PESTILENCE, ASPHYX], Jeff Becerra [POSSESSED], Chuck Schuldiner [DEATH], etc. those who have that “insane” feel and honesty in the delivery. They stand out and we didn’t want the typical gurgling, low-end stuff like most bands do, even if that’s cool as well at times it doesn’t do much when identifying a band, it has become such an important thing especially the last 10-15 years. Identity and authenticity are what’s important in music. It doesn’t always have to be “groundbreaking,” “new” or “modern”-sounding. A good record is a good record regardless.

Marc: I just agree with what Silenoz said. It’s the passion for the music, and, of course, being able to work with such great musicians is just awesome! INSIDIOUS DISEASE has a real morbid, sick, dark, perverted, twisted sound, why did the band take this direction?

Silenoz: Because we are really morbid, sick, dark, perverted and twisted!! Haha! We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but INSIDIOUS DISEASE is a great artistic outlet for me, especially, since I write the lyrics I get to touch upon the real horrors of man, my own darkside as well, trying to convey the shadow in all of us through words and images, both from a perspective and a personal point of view. It’s healthy and therapeutic release. The music takes care of the rest. That’s the audial vehicle!

Marc: Hehe, yeah we certainly are!! I think it is a great combination what we came up with. It was a challenge for me to sing Silenoz lyrics and vocal phrases, so I guess that also had an impact on how I sang on “Shadowcast”. Plus, I think the whole package with the fantastic and morbid artwork makes it real special. Is it hard to keep INSIDIOUS DISEASE going when you all have other bands and commitments?

Silenoz: Not really, but for gigs etc it can be conflicting schedules, which we, of course, are aware of when we put the band together, so we’ve been lucky to have other like-minded friends to fill in sometimes when we have played live. It’s just the way it is. It’s no big deal because there are no egos in this band and we’re all supportive of each other knowing we all need to prioritize if those schedules happen to conflict with one another.

Marc: It is, of course, kind of difficult to set up a tour or so, as everyone knows that especially NAPALM and DIMMU are touring the world in support of their currant albums. But it is always great and a special event for me being able to play with INSIDIOUS once in a while. What is planned for INSIDIOUS DISEASE now? Are you working on any new material? Any tour dates planned?

Silenoz: No shows have been booked at the moment, but we’re looking into doing some more shows in 2013. We’re working on a new album, but it’s a bit early to say what it’ll sound like. We’re gonna demo tracks this summer and hopefully return to the studio during fall.

Marc: I’m really looking forward to working on the new songs. Hopefully we’ll be able to play some more shows in 2013!

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