INTRONAUT: First ‘Habitutal Levitations’ Studio Webisode

The first in a series of video updates featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of “Habitutal Levitations”, the fourth full-length album from Los Angeles post-metal proggers INTRONAUT, can be seen below. The clip turns its focus to the thunderwork of drummer Danny Walker. With a touch of technicality and a bit of cabin fever-style shenanigans, Walker takes fans on an intimate tour through Trench Studios in Corona, California for a look at the process of recording the drums for the new CD.

“Habitutal Levitations” will be released on March 19 in North America. The album artwork and layout was created by David D’Andrea, who has worked with the band on previous releases.

“Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words With Tones)” track listing:

01. Killing Birds With Stones
02. The Welding
03. Steps
04. Sore Sight For Eyes
05. Milk Leg
06. Harmonomicon
07. Eventual
08. Blood From A Stone
09. The Way Down

“Milk Leg”, the first song to be revealed from the new album, has caused a stir amongst INTRONAUT fans, with declaring, “The track is everything that rules about a ‘naut song” and stating, “If you don’t love it, you should probably go bang your head against a wall for an hour, as you appear to have gone stupid.”

Drums for “Habitual Levitations” were recorded by producer John Haddad (EXHUMED, PHOBIA) and Derek Donley (BEREFT) handled recording for all other elements on the record.

INTRONAUT‘s last studio album, “Valley Of Smoke”, was met with vast critical acclaim and the band toured extensively in support of the album. In addition to landing a slot as direct support for TOOL, INTRONAUT toured with ANIMALS AS LEADERS, CYNIC, THE OCEAN, HELMET and more.



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