IRON MAIDEN Singer Spends Three Nights On Nuclear Submarine

According to the Helensburgh Advertiser, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson spent three nights earlier this week on board the nuclear submarine HMS Victorious at the Faslane naval base in Scotland.

The captain of the boat is believed to have given Bruce a special invitation to come on board and get a taste of what life is like living and working on a nuclear submarine.

VIPs are sometimes invited on to the boats for a short period of time and a spokesman for Faslane confirmed to the Helensburgh Advertiser that the private visit had taken place.

A self-confessed submarine fan, Dickinson previously toured a Royal Navy submarine base in December 2003. On that occasion, he toured two classes of boat, the 8,000-ton HMS Sovereign, and the 16,000-ton HMS Victorious at Scotland’s largest military establishment, the HM Naval Base Clyde near Helensburgh.

That was the first time Dickinson has been on a submarine, after his fascination was sparked when he met Clyde-based submariner and guitar maker, Leading Operator Mechanic (LOM) Richard Banks.

Banks first met Dickinson when he made a guitar for Dave Murray, IRON MAIDEN‘s lead guitarist, and the pair soon discovered a mutual interest in music and submarines.