IRON MAIDEN Singer To Debut Spoken-Word Show In Norway

According to Maiden Revelations, IRON MAIDEN vocalist Bruce Dickinson revealed to the Norwegian newspaper VG that he will premiere his new solo show in Oslo, Norway in November.

“We haven’t really planned anything yet, but I was talking to my promoter and we discussed the John Cleese one-man show and he wondered if that was something I would consider,” Dickinson said. “I liked the idea — maybe because it was kind of crazy — but we’ll see how it goes and what the audience thinks of it. Maybe we’ll set up some more shows in other cities.” Oslo is currently the only date planned so far.

The show will be based around the “Iron Maiden: Flight 666” movie, follows the IRON MAIDEN bandmembers on the first leg of their “Somewhere Back In Time World Tour” in February and March of 2008, according to the newspaper.

“Everyone that attended one of those flights has a story to tell, but these never made it to the movie, so why not reveal the things that happened in the background that led to the movie ‘Flight 666’?” the singer explained.

Dickinson will interact with his audience and answer questions from the fans.

“I will, of course, answer questions, but this show will be about everything that didn’t get aired in the movie,” he said. “It’s not about the band IRON MAIDEN. I won’t tell stories about Nicko‘s [McBrain] drum heads or Steve‘s [Harris] bass strings. It will basically be about my experiences as a pilot. I can talk about the technicalities and a lot of anecdotes from within the flight environment.”

On why he chose Oslo, the singer responded: “Why not? And I need to revenge Bartosz Piasecki; that guy is way too tall for me.”

Dickinson fenced against the Norwegian silver medal winner from the London Olympics earlier this year and lost.

The Bruce Dickinson show will take place in Oslo Konserthus on November 2.


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