Although QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor recently told The Pulse Of Radio that he and guitarist Brian May are pretty much hanging up the QUEEN brand, except for special one-off appearances — Brian May is open to having Lady Gaga front the band. May revealed to London’s Daily Express, “We talk about going out on the road all the time but there’s a bit of a singer problem to put it mildly. We get a lot of offers to work with other people. I worked with Lady Gaga and she’s very creative and is someone we’ve talked about singing, fronting the band with. She’s not just a singer, she writes her own material.”

May, who recently performed with Gaga on the MTV Music Awards, went on to explain that there are several options how to keep QUEEN alive in the modern age. “We have talked about doing duets with other people and in a strange way I almost pressed the ‘yes’ button,” he said. “We were debating the idea of a TV show where we have all these guest stars. We didn’t press it today but we are still looking at it. Lady Gaga has said she would like to do something with us.”

Roger Taylor told The Pulse Of Radio that by primarily retiring the QUEEN brand as a live act featuring himself and Brian May, they’re coming to terms with what they are with and without Freddie Mercury. “He’s bigger now than he ever was,” he said. “You come to a realization that that is what you really are, that is what you’ve done, that defines what you are — and be content with that, and so, make it good. I’m very proud of the fact that our music is still on the radio and that Freddie is still a part of popular culture and that really makes me feel that I’ve done something then.”

QUEEN is currently prepping a self-produced tribute act — dubbed QUEEN EXTRAVAGANZA — to tour next year “playing the band’s music combined with unseen footage and a production spectacle” which is completely sanctioned and controlled by the band.

On November 1 QUEEN will release deluxe editions of their final five albums as part of the band’s 40th-anniversary celebration. The albums — “The Works” (1984), “A Kind Of Magic” (1986), “The Miracle” (1989), “Innuendo” (1991), and “Made In Heaven” (1995) — will be sold in a exclusive box set through