ISSA: New Audio Interview Posted Online

On November 8, Brian Rademacher of RockEyez conducted an interview with Norwegian singer Issa (full name: Isabell Oversveen). You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

Issa‘s third album, “Can’t Stop”, was released on November 5 via Frontiers Records.

“Can’t Stop” is a very special album for Issa, since it includes some blistering versions of carefully selected hidden AOR gems that the singer treats her own way. These tracks have been originally included on albums by MARK FREE, AVIATOR, 21 GUNS, ATLANTIC, REGATTA, WORRALL, BLVD, TOWER CITY and other AOR luminaries.

Issa has created her own style and approach to melodic rock by mixing her peculiar and unique melodic sensibility with a rocking attitude which is unseen in today’s pop singers: real rock with a commercial sheen. These reworkings show how Issa is at ease when working on classic AOR musical material.

Serafino at Frontiers came up with the concept of me recording an album of some loved and cult melodic rock songs and sent me through the song choices,” says Issa. “Some I was familiar with, like TOWER CITY‘s ‘Surrender’ and MARK FREE‘s ‘State Of Love’, but several others were new to me. I thought the songs that suited me best are ‘Just A Wish’ and ‘These Eyes’ originally recorded by 21 GUNS. They have nice structures and ballad like intros that build to a big chorus. ‘Can’t Stop’ is a great rocker, too, and I love the melodies and lyrics in the TOWER CITY track.”

Issa‘s versions of these amazing tracks ooze class and update to the modern day some truly immortal melodies with some masterful arrangements provided by producer Alessandro Del Vecchio (HARDLINE).

“Promoting this album is my priority for now with some live dates around Europe,” concludes Issa. “I have three albums now, so my set is really cool. I’ve been doing a lot more songwriting as well for my next original album, which i hope we can start working on at some point next year.”

“Can’t Stop” track listing:

01. Can’t Stop
02. Power Over Me
03. Wherever I Run
04. Just A Wish
05. If You Ever Fall
06. Do You Ever Think Of Me
07. Dream On
08. Stranded
09. Heat Of The Night
10. I Won’t Surrender
11. State Of Love
12. These Eyes

The “Can’t Stop” video can be seen below.

ISSA is:

Issa (Isabell Oversveen) – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Mario Percudani – Guitar
Anna Portaluppi – Bass
Alessandro Mori – Drums



“Can’t Stop” video:




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