Italian Metal band DEVA checks in for Interview.

RNC Music based in Italy introduced me to the soprano led metal band DEVA a few years back at the very early stages of their career. Since then, their debut album”Between Life and Dreams” has been released, has gotten some outstanding reviews, impressive chart positions, and the album is being released in several parts of the world by local metal labels in Asia and Europe. The album “Between Life and Dreams” is available for download as well worldwide at all retailers, including

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Here is the interview with the band, hope you enjoy.


Tell us about “DEVA” for the people that are just discovering you.

Deva mixes Progressive Metal with Gothic and Symphonic. In other words, we are trying to find a way through both modern and classical music, a new path that goes over the borders between genres. We have a soprano singer (classically trained) and a Rock / Metal line-up with electric guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. So what you can expect from the music of Deva is a mixture of stratified sounds, heavy riffs, soprano main vocals backed by more vocals, both male and female, space keyboards and much more…

Between Life and Dreams was released over 1 year ago.  Guide us through what the band has been through since then.

All began in our country (Italy), by releasing Between Life And Dreams in April 2010 via Orion’s Belt Records / RNC Music. Since then, we had reviews, interviews, articles, radio plays in a very great number of countries, something that we didn’t really expect with this first album and furthermore the album was licensed to several labels out of Italy and that’s also a great achievement.

Within a few months, our debut album reached North and South America and Australia with stunning reviews and a widespread digital distribution! Our last conquer is South Korea and Japan, where Between Life And Dreams will be soon released and distributed by Secretion Records. The interest and involvement of some important musical instruments brands gave ys also the idea that our work was leading us on the right path

What plans for the future?  Tour, 2nd album?

At the moment, we are writing new songs and recording pieces for a second album. We’ve learned so much after recording the first album and we definitely need to improve, always trying to do something better, also because the second album will have a stronger touch of progressive metal and, furthermore, we must deliver a good number of songs, so to have a wide range and choose the best, while the first album was just what it is.

Federico and Thomas are actually also working as authors of music manuals, for electric guitar and drums, with an important italian publishing company. But this is still Between Life And Dreams’ year, we shouldn’t talk about other albums until 2012…

You are gaining some momentum around the world.  I saw your track was having success on German radio, and your album will be released in many different parts of the world.  How does it make you feel to see so much progress for the first album?  

Well, as I mentioned before, I don’t really know how many good reviews we collected since the release of our album, I mean, I don’t even want to mention the countries they came from to avoid forgetting some of them, but it’s a great satisfaction.

You can imagine that when the embryo of Deva was started some of us were still teenagers and it took us a long time to deliver the first album just because we did everything on our own; you can imagine in the last 15 months, a record deal with a label, reviews from all over the world, licenses in different countries and consequently you have in your hand copies of your album manufactured in countries which are not yours, you can’t believe all that, is amazing!

Currently, “Fading From Here” is still at #1 on the Radio Mean Variation chart, after ten weeks! This is unbelievable for us! We are happy of the work done in the UK by Ravenheart and Soyuz in Russia and Ukraine, as well as the other labels involved so far, but I think that Ahha Music and Black Bone Records are doing a great job in Germany as they are really building up something you can perceive. All these progresses would have been otherwise impossible without the constant efforts of RNC Music, which works on a daily basis with labels and people from all over the world. I think that this is a good point in terms of globalization! Anyway, all that is happening gives us energy to keep working and develop. We know that this is the right time to improve our knowledge about music and ourselves as musicians and persons. There are many people who believe in us and we definitely don’t want to disappoint them.

What are your expectations moving forward with the album?

I’m really looking forward to see Between Life And Dreams published in South Korea and Japan, it’s a dream that becomes real. I’d like very much to reach also South America, where there’s an interest from a very important label, it would be great to reach the largest number of listeners there, since we already have many fans from that area!

We’re also working on a videoclip that will soon be released on all major web channels and some TV networks. We’re also thinking of re-recording some songs from Between Life And Dreams in a different way, probably using only symphonic instruments or maybe mixing electronic and classical… We love to find out different aspects of what our songs could sound, this is how Karma pt.0 was done and it’s a very inspiring practice for us!

Your sound is quite unique.  Can you name some of the bands that have influenced your sound and approach to creating music.

Many of the bands we always had in our minds as icons are probably not the right ones to compare our music with. There are a few, and of course it’s not difficult to come up with names such as Nightwish and Dream Theater, fathers of Soprano vocals into Power Metal (Nightwish) and Technical Progressive mixed up with Metal (Dream Theater).

After releasing Between Life And Dreams, we started discovering a lot of bands like Epica and Within Temptation… Even if we try to be a little bit more “architectural” as far as harmonies and time are concerned (odd signatures, frequent changes, etc.), we are absolutely aware that there are so many examples of great music in the world! Personally, we like to be as I said a little more complex: our songs don’t always follow the common rules of the “Pop Hit”, they are normally appreciated, at least, after three or four you listen to it.

Influences also lie into the “Thrash section” of modern metal music: Metallica, Nevermore… We like very much that kind of sound, riffs, vocal lines. But don’t underestimate the role of classical composers! Our singer Beatrice got a deep classical training that deeply influences all of her musical choices as far as arrangements and vocal harmonization are concerned. We also love orchestrations and classical instruments (like Baroque Viol) and I think we are going to increase the presence of this elements in our future works.


Grazie a Nico Spinosa