JAGGERNAUT Announces New Lineup

JAGGERNAUT, the Swedish metal band featuring vocalist Niclas Lideskär Johnsson (FULL STRIKE, FATAL SMILE) and guitarist Wojtek Lisicki (LOST HORIZON, LUCIFERION, AGAINST THE PLAGUES), has recruited guitarist Gunnar Hård Af Segerstad (ex-DISDAIN) and bassist Kaj Leissner (ARISE).

In a recent interview with Zero magazine, Johnsson and Lisicki stated about JAGGERNAUT‘s current status, “We admit that we’ve gone underground for some time, but there are reasons for that. Since over half a year, we have been totally occupied with configuring the band and with a very intence studio work. The goal was to achieve a right structure of members on both professional and interpersonal level, with true dedication and passion for music and band-life. The goal we now have achieved. Parallelly to that, we have been working our asses off with composing new songs and also re-writing and super-updating the older ones. The result is, however, fulfilling. We have managed to create a consistent material with great homogeneity [and] at the same time with variation of different metal styles presented in a modern form. Everything is combined with and embellished by complex electronic ornaments of mysterious characters and suggestive natures.”

Two JAGGERNAUT songs — “Terminated Fate” and “Sophisticated Machines” — taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, can be streamed in the YouTube clips below.

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(Thanks: Petter Jahnstedt of Zero magazine)

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