Video footage of “American Idol” finalist James Durbin and his solo band performing the DIO anthem “Rainbow In The Dark” on July 18 at Shooters Sports Bar in Texarkana, Arkansas can be seen below.

During a February 2012 interview with Revolver magazine, Durbin spoke about his love for heavy metal and his debut solo album, “Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster”, which includes a guest appearance by Mick Mars of MÖTLEY CRÜE.

“The first time I heard metal was driving in my mom’s car, and I heard ‘Holy Diver’ by DIO,” Durbin said. “My jaw basically hit the floor of the car. Wow!”

He continued, “Ronnie [James Dio] was such a force in metal, and it just really made me wanna push my limits. He had such a beautifully operatic voice, but was able to transcend genres and transcend barriers and transcend age. There were the old, haggard dudes who hang out at the Rainbow [Bar Grill in Hollywood], he affected those people and he affected young kids like me.”

Durbin‘s current touring band includes former IN THIS MOMENT drummer Jeff Fabb and guitarist Blake Bunzel.



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