JANE’S ADDICTION Frontman: Next Album Will Be ‘Something That The World Has Never Experienced’

JANE’S ADDICTION frontman Perry Farrell says he’s written 60 songs for the band’s next album, which will follow up 2011’s “The Great Escape Artist”. Farrell told Billboard.com, “The next album is going to be something that the world has never experienced. I’m building it simultaneously with the live show in mind and it’s just going to be out of sight!”

One of the reasons Farrell‘s been so prolific is because he’s been confined to bed for nearly two months after undergoing knee surgery.

“I haven’t written like this since I was in my 20s,” he said. “I was kind of forced to write and I’m just having such a great time and it’s coming out so well. When you take that much time to write and think about music and the show, good things are going to happen.”

Farrell hopes to get into the studio and begin recording as early as January. The band went eight years before recording “The Great Escape Artist”, a period which included two reunions and two breakups.

Farrell told Rolling Stone that the response to the last album was not what he had hoped for, saying “It didn’t make a big enough splash. If it would have made a bigger splash I would have continued (its themes).”

But the singer also vows that JANE’S ADDICTION will continue presenting elaborate stage shows, saying, “I’m going to bring that to another level. I want to do things and have experiences for the audience that they’ve never had. I want them to go home and tell people ‘You have to go and see them.'”


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