JANE’S ADDICTION Guitarist: ‘We Don’t Break Up, We Just Go On Five-Year Hiatuses’

According to The Pulse Of Radio, JANE’S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro said in a new interview with CNN that he’s lost count of how many times the band has “parted ways” and doesn’t even consider breaks in the group’s career as a split anymore. Navarroexplained, “I’m not really sure how many times we’ve parted ways. I wasn’t really one of the people who thought we wouldn’t be back together, primarily because we’ve gotten back together so many times over the years. We don’t break up anymore. We just go on five-year hiatuses.”

JANE’S ADDICTION first called it a day in 1992, reuniting five years later for a successful tour and compilation album. The band reconvened again in 2003 for its third all-new studio set, “Strays”, and another tour. Both instances were marked by reported fighting and turbulence within the group.

The Pulse Of Radio asked Navarro how the group overcame its differences this time around and managed to make a new album. “We’ve been touring since 2009,” he said. “It really was just a matter of wanting to continue playing music live, but wanting more music to play. I mean, it’s just that simple. I know that there’s a lot of misconceptions about the band breaks up and it’s volatile and it’s this and it’s that, but the truth is that we’ve been doing this for several years now, and although the record’s new and the material’s new, like, our relationships aren’t. You know, we’ve been doing this a long time together.”

Drummer Stephen Perkins told CNN, “Ever since I was 13, I’ve been playing with Navarro. I met Perry [Farrell, singer] when I was 17. And no matter how much we stopped playing with each other, and tried to get away from each other, it’s the magnet — it pulls us closer.”

JANE’S ADDICTION will release its fourth studio effort, “The Great Escape Artist”, on Tuesday (October 18).

Farrell said about the disc, “The sound is definitely updated on this album. The differences are that we are now working with synthesizers and computer software that goes with guitars, so you’ll hear a lot of very modern sounds mixed in with what people call the ageless, or timeless, sound of JANE’S ADDICTION.”

JANE’S ADDICTION plays on Monday (October 17) and Tuesday in New York City.