JANE’S ADDICTION: More Footage From Making Of ‘The Great Escape Artist’

JANE’S ADDICTION releases its new album on Tuesday (October 18), titled “The Great Escape Artist”. The disc is the band’s first all-new studio effort since 2003’s “Strays”, and is only their fourth album of original material in 20 years. Like other bands that have reunited in recent years such as BLINK-182, the members of JANE’S ADDICTION recorded a lot of the album in separate studios. Drummer Stephen Perkins told The Pulse Of Radio why this worked in JANE’S‘ favor. “Back in the day, we spent all our time together playing,” he said. “Now we have a big pie. JANE’Sis just a slice of that pie. But we still want to work and be efficient musicians, so hey, you can’t make it to Burbank, you’re in Santa Monica? I’ll send you the tracks, let’s get to work. So it is still just as raw and as emotional as being in the same room together, but it also lets, I guess, a more efficient way of making the record nowadays that we have different things going on in our life.”

An additional look at the band’s recording process and the album cover concept for “The Great Escape Artist” is available in the YouTube clip below.

The current JANE’S ADDICTION lineup features original members Perkins, Perry Farrell on vocals and Dave Navarro on guitar.

Although founding bassist Eric Avery initially returned to the band when it reactivated in 2009, he quit the following year.

Dave Sitek of TV ON THE RADIO played bass on and co-produced the new record, while Chris Chaney has returned as touring bassist.

Ex-GUNS N’ ROSES bassist Duff McKagan also contributed to the album and has songwriting credits on three songs.

JANE’S ADDICTION plays Tuesday night in New York City and Friday (October 21) in Atlantic City, New Jersey.