BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION drummer Jason Bonham spoke to Classic Rock magazine about his frustration over the band’s inability to tour in support of its new album, “Afterglow”.

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION guitarist Joe Bonamassa revealed in a recent interview that the band’s frontman Glenn Hughes, tried to “bully” him into playing live even though Glenn was fully aware of Bonamassa‘s intensive solo touring schedule.

Bonham, who says he wasn’t aware that Bonamassa wouldn’t be available to tour to promote “Afterglow”, tells Classic Rock: “It is kinda sad that we do this product, then when it comes to touring there’s no plans. I find that really amazing.

“When I started this project I didn’t know what we were doing. As it took off I thought we were bound to start working more. I’m not blaming anybody in particular — but we should tour. I love everyone in the band and I’d love to take it on the road. Certain powers-that-be are holding us back.”

He continued: “All I know is, when we did the album there was talk of touring to promote it. I thought there would be.

“I can go on the Internet and I can see Joe‘s schedule — he’s booked up throughout the whole year. So I felt: what was the rush to start the album when we did? Surely we should have done it when we had time, and Joe had time, to promote it?”

“It’s very fucking frustrating: I absolutely adore Joe to bits. He’s one of the best guitar players around. But I just wish we could tour.

“I know he’s busy; I get it, I do get it. But Glenn, myself and Derek Sherinian [keyboards], we’d love to tour. Maybe we’ll figure out some way to do it. Who knows? I just hope we can work something out.”

“Afterglow” will be released on October 30 (one day earlier internationally). Just like its two predecessors, the new CD was overseen by Kevin Shirley, whose catalog of hit records for LED ZEPPELIN, IRON MAIDEN, AEROSMITH, JOURNEY, THE BLACK CROWES and many more has made him one of the hottest producers that rock music has to offer. Shirley — who had the idea of putting Hughes and Bonamassa together in a band together after seeing them jamming onstage in Los Angeles back in November 2009 — is the group’s unofficial “fifth member.”


Photo credit: Christie Goodwin


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