JASON BONHAM Performs ‘Going To California’ On Toronto’s Q107 (Video)

Video footage of Jason Bonham and his band joining Canadian rock icon Kim Mitchell to perform the LED ZEPPELIN classic “Going to California” live at the studios of the Toronto classic rock radio station Q107 (CILQ-FM) on May 13, 2011 can be viewed below.

Jason Bonham is out on the road with his critically acclaimed multimedia LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE tour — which chronicles both his own life as well as Zeppelin’s career. In the show, which features Bonham drumming along with his late father, ZEPPELIN co-founder John Bonham, the band faithfully recreates the cream of ZEPPELIN‘s catalogue onstage:

Bonham told The Pulse Of Radio that on the current ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE tour, he and the band are tapping into some material that ZEPPELIN never got around to playing in concert. “On the second half this time, we’re adding songs like ‘The Rain Song’, we’re adding songs like ‘Achilles’ Last Stand’, we’re adding ‘In The Light’ — which is another rare one that ZEPPELIN never did live,” he said. “So, I always kind of try and keep some kind of element of it that is fresh and different.”

Part of the impetus for the LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE show was Bonham performing his first full-length concert with ZEPPELIN back in December 2007. He told The Pulse Of Radio that following the ZEPPELIN reunion show, he was astounded by the accolades and support he received from fans. “It was just a little bit hard to comprehend,” he said. “The next day, when the press was so unanimous of ‘the greatest return that could ever be,’ that’s when it kind of got very emotional for me. That was hard, to suddenly. . . .’wow, I did it.’ And watching the clips back on YouTube, I’m amazed I pulled it off.”