According to The Pulse Of Radio, Jason Bonham says that he was able to live out all of his LED ZEPPELIN fantasies when he performed as part of the band on December 10, 2007 at London’s O2 Arena. Bonham, who’s currently on tour with his critically acclaimed LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE production, explained to the press earlier this week that after years of repeat viewing of the band’s “The Song Remains The Same” movie featuring his father, the late John Bonham, it seemed to actually be coming true in the flesh.

Bonham, who received raves for his 2007 performance, recalled the thrill of sitting behind the drums for his dad and playing the one-off gig. “I kept saying, ‘I really am playing drums for LED ZEPPELIN!'” he said. “This really is something special, something I dreamed about all my life in a very strange way, But on the night, yeah, I remember there was one incident — and probably John [Paul Jones] won’t remember it like I do, but I watched ‘The Song Remains The Same’ so many times that there was a look that I did with John in ‘No Quarter’, and I remember [thinking] ‘I know! That was just like ‘The Song Remains The Same’! He gave me the look!’ And it probably wasn’t for the same reason you did dad, but that was very, very special for me, honestly.” “That was the ‘Where are we’ look,” laughed John Paul Jones. “Yeah,” replied Jason.