Absolute Radio ‘s Tania Snuggs conducted an interview with LED ZEPPELIN guitarist Jimmy Page at the most prestigious British music awards, Ivor Novello Awards, on May 19 in London, England. You can now watch the chat below.

Publisher’s Marketplace announced earlier in the month that “Light Shade: Conversations With Jimmy Page”, by Guitar World editor-in-chief Brad Tolinski, went to Crown at auction in a “significant deal.”

Using the Publisher’s Marketplace “deal key,” a “significant deal” is a book deal that garners $251,000 – $499,000.

“Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page” last year became the fastest-selling book in the history of Genesis Publications, having sold-out through pre-orders alone. The book, which documents the iconic guitarist’s life from his childhood in music through his legendary career with LED ZEPPELIN to the present day, was personally compiled by Page and features 650 images, many from his personal archive. Jimmy also wrote the accompanying text and helped design the magnificently luxurious binding to create an artifact that is an incredible visual documentary which reflects his vast contribution to music.