JOE STUMP: ‘Shred Guitar 101’ Instructional DVD Available

On his sixth instructional DVD for the Shred Academy, metal guitar master Joe Stump (HOLYHELL, REIGN OF TERROR) presents a wide variety of techniques and practice tips that will appeal to players on all levels.

While much of the material on many of Joe’s previous DVDs was geared towards more experienced metal/shred guitarists, the content on “Shred Guitar 101” is a great learning source for all players. Speed scale chop building studies, open string techniques/soloing ideas, basic arpeggio play, solo breakdowns, technique building etudes and more are all included in Stump‘s latest installment.

For more information, go to this location.

Stump recently finished recording his new solo record, to be released later in the year. He stated, “It came out killer — my best-sounding record, both sonically and playing-wise.”

Over the next few months, Stump will begin recording guitar for the new HOLYHELL album.

Stump‘s last solo album, “Virtuostic Vendetta”, was released in April 2009 via Lion Music.