JOHN 5: Guitar-Lesson Videos Available

Music lesson web site is now featuring a round of guitar lesson videos with guitarist John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE, MARILYN MANSON).

At you will find the following lesson videos by John 5:

* “Banjo Rolls” (G Major)
* “Banjo Rolls” (E Minor With Blues Notes)
* “Banjo Rolls” (D Major)
* “Behind The Nut Bends”
* “Chicken Picking Behind The Nut”
* “Getting Faster”
* “Shred Demo”
* “Octave Pull Off Exercises”
* “Tapping With Two Hands”
* “Western Swing/Walking Bass”

“Octave Pull Off Exercises” can be viewed in Flash and Quicktime HD format at this location. is owned and operated by Bob Balch from FU MANCHU.

John 5‘s latest full-length solo CD/DVD, “God Told Me To”, was released on May 8, 2012 via Rocket Science Ventures. The effort was recorded and produced by John 5, Chris Baseford (ROB ZOMBIE, TOMMY LEE) and Bob Marlette (SEBASTIAN BACH, BLACK SABBATH) in 2011. The cover art for the album was illustrated by none other than Rob Zombie, who also tapped John 5 to score the entirety of his upcoming film, “The Lords Of Salem”.