JOHN 5 Interviewed On ‘Iron City Rocks’ Podcast (Audio)

The latest installment of the “Iron City Rocks” podcast (web site) features an interview with ROB ZOMBIE/ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5. The podcast is now available for streaming using the audio player below.

“Iron City Rocks” podcast (audio):


John 5 released his new full-length solo CD/DVD, “God Told Me To”, on May 8 via Rocket Science Ventures.

“God Told Me To” was recorded and produced by John 5, Chris Baseford (ROB ZOMBIE, TOMMY LEE) and Bob Marlette (SEBASTIAN BACH, BLACK SABBATH) in 2011. The cover art for the album is illustrated by none other than Rob Zombie, who is also tapping John 5 to score the entirety of his upcoming film, “The Lords Of Salem”.

The CD portion of “God Told Me To” features ten painstakingly handcrafted pieces transcending multiple styles — an equal combination of acoustic and electronically influenced tracks — each designed to gradually reveal John 5‘s innovative interpretation of his instrument. The orchestration of “God Told Me To” showcases John 5‘s ability to master the subtlety of dynamics, thus emphasizing the overall production value of this body of work.

The DVD portion of “God Told Me To” is hosted by retro-style horror-host Mike Odd and takes a look inside the world of John 5 during his terrifying trip into the realm of “God Told Me To”. The DVD features footage of John 5 in the studio while working on the new album, exclusive videos taken on tour, a peek inside the photo shoot for his 2011 remix album “Remixploitation”, and more.

In an interview with AOL‘s Noisecreep, John 5 stated about his new album title, “The title means more than what it sounds like. I wanted to do this so badly, to be a successful musician. Not even like a rock star. My dreams didn’t go into that area. I want to make money playing guitar. I like prayed inside of my head as a little kid. I didn’t grow up in a religious home, but we went to Midnight Mass. That was the only time I’d go to church, but when I did, I prayed that I wanted to be a successful musician. I got my wish. . . [The title is] a lot of things. Many serial killers will say ‘God told me to.’ It’s a spin on it.”

Regarding the “God Told Me To” album art, John 5 said, “It’s funny. [Rob Zombie, I and the rest of the band] were on tour and I said, ‘I need a great cover.’ He is such a great artist. You know, he is so busy. Live shows, writing movies, but I said, ‘Hey man, you want to do the album art?’ He was like ‘Sure.’ He did it, and it’s so incredible. It amazing what this guy can do. He nailed it.”

On the topic of some of the songs that can be found on “God Told Me To”, John 5 said, “‘Beat It’ is Michael Jackson‘s and it’s instrumental and a tribute. And I tip my hat to Edward Van Halen. I wanted to say thank you to him, since he put an amazing solo in the original, and he was such an influence and epiphany. Also, ‘Noche Acasador’ means ‘Night Stalker,’ and it’s about Richard Ramirez, and it is a Spanish style flamenco guitar piece. People will be surprised to hear it. Another one that I love is ‘Welcome To Violence’. It starts the record with total brutality.”


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