JOHN CORABI Says He Was Fired By MÖTLEY CRÜE And Dumped By His Girlfriend On The Same Day

Steve Mascord of Hot Metal reports that acclaimed hard rock vocalist John Corabi — best known for his vocal work with MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE SCREAM and UNION — is wrapping up a one-man-show tour in support of his new “Unplugged” album, drawing material from his time in all of his previous projects as well as his solo career. Each performance also finds the the 53-year-old musician sharing with the audience a number of anecdotes from his life, including his version of how he was fired from the CRÜE in 1996.

Speaking between songs at the Star Of Kings in London, England on November 14 (see video below), Corabi said he learned he was no longer a member of MÖTLEY CRÜE when he showed up for a recording session for what was to become the band’s “New Tattoo” album, only to see “a bunch of people wearing suits. I thought, ‘Did I not get the e-mail? Are we having a meeting or something?'” he recounted. They were, like, ‘Yeah, well, we are and what we have to say is: Crabby, we love you, but, unfortunately, those guys over there, the record company, are not going to support this version of the band. ‘So we have to let you go because we’re bringing Vince [Neil] back.”

According to Corabi, the rock and roll “lifestyle” had resulted in the breakup of his previous marriage and he had “gone out in Hollywood and as you do when you’re in a big band, found the youngest, hottest model I could.”

After he was fired from the CRÜE, “I went out and I got into the brand new sports car I had just bought, like, four weeks before, and I opened up the glove [box] and I got the gun and I stuck it in my mouth,” he said.

“Anyway, on the way home, I’m thinking, ‘Shit, I’m I’m unemployed, I’m jobless, I have no job.’ I’m thinking, ‘Fuck, who’s going to pay for this car? Who’s going to pay for the house? Who’s going to pay for the girl? … How am I going to break it to her?

“So I walk into the house and there’s my beautiful, young, naked model eating chocolate and watching Oprah Winfrey. I say, ‘Honey, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is I’m going to be able to spend a lot more time at home with you. The bad news is MÖTLEY let me go today so my wallet’s going to be a little bit lighter while I’m doing it. Actually, let me rephrase that, honey — my wallet’s going to be empty while I’m doing it. At which point, she sat up on the couch and looked at me in a look I’d never seen before and she said, ‘You know, I have good news and I have bad news as well.’ I said, ‘What’s your good news?’ She said, ‘Well, the good news is I just got a TV show today so my career’s really taking off.’ I’m, like, ‘Awesome, then you can pay for the car.’ No. She’s like, ‘I think I need a little space, I need to focus on my career.”

He continued: “Maybe about three weeks later, my buddy rings and says, ‘What’s going on with that chick you were dating? I saw her last night at a movie premiere, with her husband.

“I started counting. Today’s Tuesday. It’s been three weeks. She’s married?’ So I started looking for that gun again.”

The entire experience inspired the song “Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore)”, which Corabi recorded for UNION‘s 1998 self-titled debut. “It actually got quite a bit of airplay in America and I actually made quite a bit of money,” Corabi said of the track. “So in the long run, I actually want to thank her for leaving.”



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