JOURNEY Guitarist Files Defamation Suit Against Former Mother-In-Law

According to The Pulse Of Radio, JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon has filed a defamation suit against his former mother-in-law, Judy Kozan. reported that the suit claims that Kozan — the mother of Schon‘s former wife, Amber Schon, whom he divorced in 2007 — has “attacked and harassed” him on the Internet for years, and specifies that Kozan published a blog article in January 2013 slamming Neal for not supporting his ex-wife and children. According to the suit, Kozan accused the JOURNEY co-founder of “of not paying her daughter enough money to support herself — letting their two little girls ‘go homeless,’ putting his ex ‘in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing.'”

Neal Schon is suing for $1.3 million citing that his former mother-in-law’s online posts have damaged his reputation leading some reports labeling him a “deadbeat dad.” Since the suit, Kozan has backtracked, replacing the posts with a blog entry claiming the “deadbeat dad” reports are false.

Last October, Schon proposed to girlfriend Michaele Salahi during JOURNEY‘s concert in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prior to hooking up with the JOURNEY co-founder, Salahi was best known for crashing a White House party with estranged husband Tareq Salahi, and a stint on Bravo‘s “The Real Housewives Of D.C.”

In February 2012, Tareq Salahi sued the couple for $50 million along with $450,000 in punitive damages. The suit, which was eventually thrown out of court, alleged that Michaele had been living a double life with Schon for years, and set out with Schon to humiliate and defame Tareq.

The suit came a day after JOURNEY‘s video “Resonate” was released, showing the couple wrapped around each other in passionate embraces.

Photo credit: Travis Shinn